Have you been searching for a Mama Tribe that is alive, positive, energized, and supportive of your total being? If so, head on over to The MommyProofing Community Facebook Group.

This group is all about bringing back more ENERGY, FOCUS, and PASSION into every dimension of the Mama's self. It is a safe and positive space for you to reconnect with yourself, recalibrate, and decide on who you are NOW, after having added "Mom" to your identity list.

We recognize that motherhood is both beautiful AND tough, and that we need to begin giving back to ourselves first, before we can give to our children, our partners, our homes, and our careers.

We kick Mommy Guilt and Mommy Shame to the curb, together. We're all about helping each other figure out our true passions and dreams, while paying attention to our holistic self - our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Here, we're more than "Mommy" - we're "Woman", "Dreamer", "Self", and anything else we want to be!

Ready to be a part of our Tribe? Head on over here.