I Choose To Be Happy

There is this amazing video from TED Talks by Ric Elias, a man who had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. In his talk, he says something that has become my mantra of late and has gotten me through entrepreneurial stress, personal challenges, Mommy Drama, and all other soul-grating moments that could pop up in the day: I choose to be happy.

So, when I read Coach Jennie’s latest blog 10 Spectacular Things Happening Right Now (and even before I received one of her patented cathartic shoves! Ha!), I knew I would write one of my own.

So join me in celebrating what’s rocking my world right now and putting a huge grin on my face:

1. Last October 16, my husband and I turned 5! More than the romantic place and incredible food, I am most grateful for the amazing reconnection we had over dinner that night. Our marriage has always been great, but something happened over dinner that night that allowed us to see past the roles we play (“Husband”/”Wife”, “Dada”/”Mama”, “You’re in charge of bath tonight!”/”Did you buy his vitamins?”) and, cheesy as it sounds, fall in love again with the Person we each had evolved to become.

2. Because of this reconnection, we’ve become so much more excited about what’s ahead – the future is brighter with plans of more travel (Japan! Iceland!!), more dates (Hi Grandfolks who will be babysitting for us….!), and dreams of our future home (!!!)

3. Every single day, my son amazes me. I will try to put into words the love and happiness I have because of him, but I am sure I will fail. He is funny and smart; simultaneously sweet and feisty; rough and gentle; clingy and independent. He drives me nuts many times in the week, but he can calm me down with a kiss, a touch of his hand, a smile… He is my Buddy :)

4. My parents, who are my bedrock of sanity and safety, are my Friends for Life – they’ve been with me since Day 1 (and now that I’m a Mom myself, I know EXACTLY what it means to love as a parent does, so I am 100x more grateful for them!). They continue to be my parents – loving, guiding, challenging, celebrating, and supporting me and my little family.

5. I am amazed at the people who care so unconditionally for me and my family – cousins, uncles and aunts, friends, even acquaintances from far away, who celebrate our wins with us and support us when we stumble and fall.

6. I continue to be amazed by my decision to leave the corporate world almost 5 years ago – the guts to do it, the inner strength and belief in myself, the support I continue to have from my husband and those around me.

7. Because of this decision, I am able to wake up to mornings where I can have breakfast with my loved ones, stroll leisurely to my “office” (a few steps away from my breakfast table and never too far away from my son!), and then work to help make the lives of Moms happier, calmer, and more meaningful for them, while earning the money I need to help sustain our household. Just writing that down makes me shake my head in amazement! I am truly blessed!

8. With the work that I do, I am able to connect with amazing, amazing women who trust me enough to allow me into their Mommyhood Journey. With every Mommy that I talk to, I am both in awe of who they are and also have a heart filled with gratitude that I can be of support to these powerful women.

9. Coinciding with my 5th wedding anniversary, I took a trip down memory lane and looked back on our pictures from wedding day onwards. Boy, did we look younger (thinner??) and more carefree then!!

But, I wouldn’t trade the past 5 years for that younger self/body. I celebrate our changing faces, heavier bags under our eyes, and that little Mommy jiggle in the belly that will never go away (no matter how many core workouts I do!) I am proud of these sigs of aging – these changes represent the lives we have lived, the Life that we brought into this world (and many, many sleepless nights that came with him!!), the obstacles we have overcome, and the many wins we have had.

10. More than anything, I celebrate that very basic but blessed fact that I am ALIVE. In this crazy and chaotic world, that in itself is such a precious gift. I am safe and living in good conditions. I celebrate that I am a woman who is able to stand tall, proud, and equal to men. I celebrate that I had the immense fortune to have learned how to read and write and that I can teach my son to do the same thing.

I am grateful. There are no better words to end this post than “thank you”! It’s an amazing time in my life and I choose to be happy :)

I challenge you (yes you!) to write out your own list of 10 things to be amazingly grateful for and if you decide to publish that list, please do share the link in the comment box below!

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” – Meister Eckhart