An Open Thank You Letter to All the Super Dads Out There

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been fortunate enough to have connected with so many amazing Moms, via my #MommyChats* initiative. The wealth of wisdom and experience from these Moms is astounding and humbling at the same time. But that wealth of Mommy Wisdom is saved for another post. Let me zero in on just one for today...

A common thread binds those Moms I've chatted with who are happy, sane, and (more or less!!) at peace with motherhood - they all say they have great husbands who have become great dads. The care and support they have received from these men have made such a difference in their being able to transition from "Me" to "Pregnant" to "New Mom/Mombie" to "Mom/a multiple other roles".

So today, I wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you to all the Super Dads out there who have pushed past the "gender stereotypes" and have stepped up as incredible husbands and fathers. You have made such a great impact, such a great difference in the lives of not only your kids, but also your wives. Hooray for you! :)

And in the same breath, I want to say thank you to MY own husband, my son's Super Dad - for choosing to be the kind of Dad who gives his son a bath every night, the kind of Dad who obsesses over what preschool to send our son to (and becomes 1 of only 3 out of 30 Dads in the Parent-Teacher Orientation Night!), who cries every time we need to retire a shirt that's gotten too small (sorry, was I not supposed to share that?? Don't worry - other Super Dads can relate! ;) ). Thank you - you've made a difference in my life, you've made a difference in our son's life. And I am forever grateful :)

Here's to the Super Dads the world over!


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