Hey, you're pregnant!

I’m sure it’s been one rollercoaster ride so far – a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, prenatal vitamins, trips to the bathroom (not fun, I know!), weekly emails from BabyCenter telling you just how big your baby is becoming… then maternity wear, babyproofing your home, a long list of things you just HAVE to buy for the baby… birthing classes, parenting classes…In short, it’s an all-out baby-fever. When a woman gets pregnant, she spends the next nine months preparing for the birth of her child – preparing physically for pregnancy and post-delivery, and ensuring everything is ready for the newborn. Most literature speaks of the same too – how the baby develops, tips and tricks for newborns…

But what about you? Have you taken the time to focus on how you are – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, with this new life growing within you?

There is so much material out there on Post Partum Depression, but sadly, not very much on how to actually help moms prepare for the madness (!) that is about to come, post-delivery. It isn’t surprising then that most moms feel like their thrown into the deep end when the baby arrives, and only after 6 months of sleepless nights, does she actually start thinking, “hey, what about me?“

So here’s where I come in. I’ve designed three powerful worksheets that will encourage Expectant Moms to take the time, space, and energy while she still has it to truly and deeply prepare herself for all the change she’ll be going through.

In short, it’s time to get started on MommyProofing. Through these worksheets, you will…

  • Figure out what pregnancy means for you – in all dimensions of your self
  • Make a conscious decision on how pregnancy will impact your life
  • Choose how your life will be once the baby has arrived; and
  • Create real, hard-hitting action plans to put into place now, to make sure you manage your varying demands post-delivery (a.k.a., Land of the Sleepless Nights!)

Will these worksheets make you immune to the insanity that is new parenthood? No. But it will make you more prepared to deal with the lack of sleep, total dependence of an individual you love more than yourself, and living perpetually in your pajamas/yoga pants!

Just type in your name and email address in the fields below and you’ll receive the first of three worksheets in your inbox within the hour, and Worksheets 2 and 3 on a weekly basis.

So let’s get to it…

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