MommyChats: Amy Simpkins, On Being Human and Teaching Our Children to Accept Their Own Humanity

Coach Joy chats with Amy Simpkins and engages in a thoughtful discussion about parenting, being human, the changes parenting brings, and treating children with the respect they deserve.

Amy is a Lifestyle Design Strategist, coach, speaker, and founder of Life Architecting. Her mission is to help mid-career professionals rediscover themselves and understand what they need to truly THRIVE at their present time of life.  She helps them design and build impactful, resilient, beautiful lives as a result of that deep self-knowledge, exploration, and grace.  To do this, she offers private and group coaching programs, speaking, workshops, and standalone products.

MommyChats Snippet: "I think kids learn a lot about how to process their humanity by looking at our own humanity. I don't have the energy to be anything but my real human self with my kids. It's too hard to put up a facade."

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