MommyChats: Carrie Lupoli, Motherhood: A Balance Between Discipline and Nurture

Coach Joy chats with Carrie Lupoli. Carrie was a Special Education teacher and administrator in the USA, before moving to Singapore and starting the "Live and Learn Asia" company, which sought to address the lack of appropriate services for children in their mainstream classrooms. Carrie has been described as the “ground breaking founder” with regards to inclusive education in the region and how to support every child individually. Since moving back to the US, she's opened up a second Live and Learn, for both parents and educators.  In addition to the acclaim she has earned as an international educator, Carrie has been a noted parenting expert and currently serves as the spokesperson for the “Power of Play” for Mattel Fisher Price. She was named “Chief Mum” for, a family of parenting websites in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. Carrie’s goal is to help parents around the world improve their skills to raise powerful individuals in an ever changing world!

MommyChats Snippet: "If I can own up to the different issues that I have as a human, and be real with them… owning those mistakes and trying to learn from them… is probably the piece that is most beneficial"

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