MommyChats: Kris de Guzman, Putting Our Issues to Rest in Order to Mother Better

Coach Joy chats with Kris de Guzman. Kris is a wife, a mom to 2 girls, and a mompreneur born and bred in Manila, Philippines. She's a celebrity in her own right within the Mom scene in the Philippines and has become known as the OC Mom in Manila - a self-claimed title via her blog.

Coach Joy and Kris explore how going back to yourself and resolving issues and self-doubt always has a positive impact on not only ourselves, but also our children.

MommyChats Snippet: "You read all of these things about good parenting… but it all really starts with YOU… You have to be happy with yourself and the kids see that and absorb that."

Press play for more shared wisdom from Kris de Guzman!

***Sound quality for this podcast is not as good (echoes here and there/amplified background noise), but this conversation with Kris is such an honest one, filled with such great insights and deep sharing. Please do listen in through til the end! It will be extremely worth your while :) ***

To learn more about Kris and her adventures in motherhood, visit her on her blog: