MommyChats with Coach Joy: Parenting the Special Needs Child, with Special Guest Sazini Nzula

Coach Joy talks to Sazini Nzula about the experience of parenting the special needs child. Sazini is a Sensory Treatment therapist who delights in combining research-based therapy for children with special needs with empowering parents to make cost-effective, impactful changes to to their lives.

She re-introduces families to their pillows, and watches parents switch from constantly holding their children down during a meltdown to simply holding them for the pleasure of it. Their focus improves, their relationships with their spouse and children improve and the family returns to being calm and relaxed. Sazini is a mother, a scientist, an enthusiastic gardener and a certified Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) Therapist. She has a PhD in Medical Microbiology and combined 20 years of experience as a scientist researching diverse topics including food science, breast cancer immunology and clinical research with 9 years of raising her two sons with autism to create Eden Qigong Massage.

MommyChats Snippet: "When a child has a meltdown, they have no control. We have to be the ones to help them regain control. When you're frazzled and your child has a meltdown, try to step away if you can and recharge, breathe, then step back again to handle it."

*Thank you so much to fellow Mama Charlene Long, who stepped up and helped me read out the questions and manage the Blab! We experienced major problems (no one could see or hear me!) and Charlene was my guardian angel. Thank you!

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