MommyChats with Coach Joy: Getting Your Children to Eat HEALTHY! with special guest, Stacy Spensley

Coach Joy chats with Stacy Spensley on getting our children to eat healthy!

Stacy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She supports overwhelmed perfectionists to stop spinning their wheels and actually make changes that truly impact their lives. She came to the coaching field through holistic health, but now finds herself working with parents who struggle to balance parenthood, work, and relationships with health and self-care.

MommyChats Snippet: "When you're in that deprivation mindset of what you can't have, that's when you want it more. And kids are the exact same way - they're just smaller and don't have the coping mechanisms to deal with it. When you make it forbidden, that's when it's more tempting. It's a power issue. Whereas if you say, "Listen to your body. If you're not hungry, then maybe you should stop eating."

For more Mama wisdom from Stacy, click on the replay below: