MommyChats with Coach Joy: Ditching the "One-Size Fits All Parenting" with Special Guest Aki Raymer of Parenting Paths

Coach Joy chats with Aki Raymer about ditching a "one-size fits all" parenting approach and how we need to go back to our core, figure out what we believe in, and parent from these anchors.

Aki is a Parenting Coach and is all about making a shift from Child Development to Lifelong Development, and moving from "one-size fits all" discipline methods to effective and individualized strategies that reflect each family's unique culture."

Aki has a degree in Psychology and Infant Mental Health, as well as a certification in Positive Discipline and works toward a more authentic and connected parenting style toward her own daughter.

MommyChats Snippet: "Each family has a culture... and the important thing is to ask ourselves 'What is it I believe in and how do I get to where I want to be?' and making decisions from this broader area."

Press play for more shared wisdom from Aki Raymer!

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