Hey Mamas!

When I released the MommyProofing Worksheets, a common sentiment I heard was, “How come there are no worksheets for ‘already moms’?” Which led me to think of the obvious – Moms need as much help as they can get (myself included)!From the MommyChats I’ve been privileged to have, to the conversations with Moms I’m coaching, I’ve realized one true struggle most Moms have – choosing themselves. From generation to generation, it seems that what has been handed down from one Mom to the next is this belief: to be a good Mom, I must put everyone else before myself. I must devote my entire life and all my energy to my children, my spouse, and my household.

Hmmm… there’s something clearly wrong there. How can you be the Best Mom if you aren’t your Best Self?

So here’s where I come in. I’ve designed four powerful worksheets that will encourage Moms to take the time, space, and energy to figure out how to choose her self.

In short, it’s time to get started on MommyChoosing!

Through these worksheets, you will…

  • Really take the time to discover who you have become in this moment in time, and
  • Make conscious choices on who you actually want to be– as a Self, Mom, and all the other roles you play
  • Take the time to really reflect on your Mommyhood Journey
  • Visualize and set up concrete plans on the holistic legacy you want to leave

Will these worksheets make you the Perfect Mom? Absolutely not. But it will help you become the best possible version of your Self – leading you to become a more loving, more energized Mommy to your kids.

So if you’re ready to start choosing your Self and your Life, just type in your name and email address in the field below, and you’ll receive the first of four worksheets in your inbox.

So let’s get to it – it’s time to start…

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