Hey there! My name is Joy Ycasiano-Dejos and I’m a wife, mommy, friend, daughter, sister, and the MommyProofing Coach. My son is my heart and soul. He is able to make me laugh and fills me with so much love and joy. But! He is also able to drive me insane, stress me out, frustrate me, make me question who I am, and basically turn both life and sanity up on their heads!

When I became a Certified Professional Coach, I never thought I’d be able to bring together my two passions: helping people be the best they can possibly be + being a mom. But as I continue to grow in mommyhood, I realize just how passionate I am about being a Mommy and alongside that, realizing just how much support all moms need.

As the MommyProofing Coach, my personal mission is to help Moms claim the lives they want to lead, maximize their talents, and find fulfillment in all dimensions of themselves. In my perfect MommyProofed world, we are kicking Mommy Guilt and Mommy Judgment to the curb together! I live with a mindset of POSITIVITY and POSSIBILITY – and hopefully, by working with me, you will too!

So what’s my story? After graduating from my university, I entered the corporate world and stayed a solid seven years, focusing on Organizational Development, Team and Individual Coaching, and Human Resources. Late 2009, I got married to the person who continues to be my #1 cheerleader and dream advocate. At this time, I had begun to realize I was in search for more. I left the corporate world, became a Consultant, and then, got pregnant.

We were happy, elated, and excited about the pregnancy, BUT, I also went through all sorts of interesting existential questions (which came with lots of tears!) – grappling with who I was to become once the baby arrived, what would happen to my dreams, and mourning the ability to be able to scratch every country off my Bucket List, all the while feeling guilty about even having this crisis!

I gave birth in 2011 and became a mom to one of my biggest blessings in life (!), was insanely happy while being a Mombie (Mom Zombie!), went through more questioning (as most moms do, apparently!), and realized, I was still in search of something. In early 2012, I discovered Professional Coaching and things moved along much as they do when life is finally set on the right course – quickly. Today, as the MommyProofing Coach, I am incredibly passionate about helping Moms feel fully alive, deeply happy, and truly where they want to be.

Ready to take the MommyProofing Journey? :)