I’m forever tired, forever stressed. I don’t have the energy for anything anymore – every night, I just crash into bed!

There’s no motivation to fix myself up anymore. I’m feeling blah blah blah about everything in my life – including myself!

I want to do so much more. I love my kids, but I also want to do other things. But I feel so frazzled, I can’t focus! I can’t seem to get much done and it’s starting to really depress me.

For every Mama I’ve talked to, there is always a variation of the above comments – whether it’s energy depletion or not knowing who they are anymore, so many of us Mamas are tired and exhausted, yet at the same time, wanting to do so much more.

So we try to. But often times, when we make the effort, we end up bailing out – because it’s just too hard to make the change – whether it’s putting on makeup, taking up a new hobby, or going to the gym. 

I already have so much to do! Even if I wanted to pursue my passions, when do I do that? I don’t even have time to shower some days!

This January 2017, let’s take a few steps back.

I hear you – you want more and you want to make some changes. But remember, if you don’t make those changes from your foundation, no matter how great the changes are – they will not stick.

You are a whole being – so this 2017, let’s Claim Your Calm – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Over the course of six days, we will:

  • Get crystal clear on what TRULY matters to you (it's not as simple as you may think!)
  • And flowing from there, make decisions on where you will choose to spend your limited time, energy, and money
  • Understand the science of change (and new year’s resolutions!) – and what kind of changes actually stick for the long-term
  • Identify your common triggers of stress
  • …and learn how to retrain your brain to serve you in better, more positive ways
  • Master concrete and immediately doable calming techniques to use in the face of stress
  • Formulate powerful action plans focusing on creating strong foundations of calm for yourself, for 2017 and beyond

How will we go about doing that?

From January 14-19, our group of like-minded Mamas will:

  • Work through a 40-minute webinar per day, that will allow you to get clear on Women’s Wellness and Holistic Energy Management concepts. These concepts will be the foundation of your Calm.
  • Come together for quality Q&A, so we can explore the content in detail and make sure you walk away from each module with clarity on the subject matter
  • Go deep and personal with yourself via Coach Joy’s signature worksheets – the perfect tools to assist you in building your foundation for 2017
  • Share your experiences with Mamas who are on a similar journey as you, and create deep bonds and a strong support system that will last long after the program 
  • And end the program with additional resources to further deepen your understanding of yourself, your energy, and your management of stress

So let’s do this! It's time to FINALLY make that investment into yourself - your health and well-being, into your future, into deepening your relationships with those who matter the most to you.

For a total package cost of $120 (that's a $20 per day rate, given the six days we'll be working together!), you get:

  • 6 recorded webinar modules that you can keep for a lifetime
  • Membership to a private Claim Your Calm Facebook Group, where we can delve deeper into your questions, insights, and experiences
  • Bonus! Facebook Live material 
  • Access to Coach Joy (me!) via the Facebook group, email, and two scheduled Live Q&A sessions mid-course and at the end of the course
  • Signature worksheets to help you truly dig deep into yourself and establish that foundation we want 
  • A powerful toolkit of resources that include the latest materials in wellness

Remember this:

The foundation of everything you do, everything you are, and everything you hope to be is a Self that is rooted in calm, in peace, and in health. 

Let’s Claim Your Calm in 2017. It is the best gift you can give yourself!

I’ll see you in January!